Horse Racing Is Waning In Popularity

Manelity is the best horse club I have ever visited. Super friendly personnel, very affordable prices and very beautiful and skilled horses of the varied breed. If I see that a person enjoy horse riding, I recommend visiting Manelity no matter what.

John Harry

I am a horse rider since 1920 and you know what? I have not met in my entire life a better facility than this. They combined all the necessary inside one horse club. I am shocked. Very good track. Horses are great as well.

Ann Britany

The horses are very noble animals. That’s why I like them so much. They are my friends. I come here every day to see them and ride a bit. Great services and lovely staff.

Ben Kirk

I love outdoor riding. I and my family arrange family events. We already got used to our horses and visit this horse club every weekend.

Molly Cooper

I am glad to be the part of this club with its awards, prices, pure reputation and a wide range of horses for free riding. The process is amazing because horses are professional and trained.

James Browney

Do not go to another horse club! Manelity should be your choice. I bought the plan for the entire year because I am sure that I get an amazing spectrum of services at good price.

Rick Morphine

I am a customer for about three years and a half and I like everything about this truly amazing horse club. Welcome to our family, people!

Perry Show

My name is Tom and I visit Manelity since its opening very long time ago. Here horses live a real life with no violence and assault. We created for them a perfect world.

Tom Walton